Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Site of the Day

Here are today's freebies, I hope you enjoy them! Today's site of the day is: Scour . It's a great site where you get paid to search. They gather their search results from Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo. Each time you search you earn a point, then you rate one of the sites that comes up with a thumbs up sign or thumbs down sign and earn another point, and then comment on the results and get another point = 3 points per search. Once you reach 6500 points you can redeem for a $25 Visa Gift Card, or 12,500 points and get a $50 Visa Gift Card or 25,000 points and get a $100 Visa Gift Card. To get a $25 gift card you would have to search about 2167 times (assuming you search, rate, and comment on each search) - so after about a year you could cash out! Will be posting the freebies later! You can sign up here (click on the banner)

Earn money with Scour!