Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thrifty Shopping Thursdays

Hey Folks!

Hope everyone has had a good day today, it's been rainy and cloudy here all day (for the past couple of weeks it's been like that here). On today's topic of Thrifty Shopping Thursdays this weekend I'm gonna be heading over to the .99 cents store, and might go to Macy's. But I have three steps when I'm shopping thrifty at .99 cent stores.

Rule 1- What would it cost at the supermarket or drugstore with a coupon? If it would be less than .99 cents, I put it down - if it's cheaper (with a coupon remember!!) than I consider it.

Rule 2- After I make the decision to consider to buy the item I look at the brand - if it's a food item and it's not a brand I have heard of, I put it back. If it's a non-food item (supplies, figurines, paper goods) I will put it in my cart and see how much money I have left after buying the BRAND-NAME products (tide, banquet, etc.).

Step 3: Now I have all the items I want in the cart, I then double-check to make sure that it's .99 cents (I won't buy anything over $1 at a .99 cent store, since then I know I can get it cheaper with a coupon), then I count up the number of items in my cart. If I have more than 10 items, I take out any items I truly, truly don't need. Since 10 .99 cent items would be $9.90. Then I go and check out and don't pick up ANYTHING at the check-out aisle. They often have candy and such - for very cheap (I will admit) but soon you'll have "too-many" great deals and will ending up paying more than you would for a trip to the supermarket. When I'm done checking out, I'm out the door!

Hope you liked the three steps to .99 cent store shopping and have fun!!

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