Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week we're doing Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday! Click on the button below if you want more Meal Plans, or if you want to check Org Junkie out!

Monday - Chicken with Rice - Chicken (Cooked 3 Pounds, Used 1 Pound, .99), Rice (Cooked 1 pound, 1/2 lb. .50)
Total: $1.49

Tuesday - Crockpot Chicken Soup - (Used 2 Pounds from last night $1.98, Rice from last night $.50, Vegetables - Frozen and were FREE after coupon)
Total: $2.48

Wednesday - Leftovers

Thursday - Ritzy Chicken Casserole (A favorite, I got the recipe in an E-Book called "Censtible Suppers") - (Ritz FREE at CVS, Chicken 1 Pound .99 cents, Sour Cream .99 cents, Cream of Chicken Soup .75 cents)
Total: $2.73

Friday - Pizza (Dough $.75, Sauce $1.50, Cheese .59)
Total: $2.84

Saturday - Spaghetti (.99 cents)
Total: .99 cents

Weekly Total: $10.53
Average $$ per night: $1.75 (when you divide the total by the number of nights)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shopping Sunday

Went to Pathmark today - and I saved over $100.00 and spent $66.00. I also got $13.00 to spend on my next shopping trip and 2 coupons for $1.00 off a $10 purchase! I did pretty well - I got (I'm rounding up the totals):

5 Celeste Pizzas $5.00
5 Bird's Eye Boxed Veggies $5.00
6 Shout $15.00
2 Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread $3.00
5 Hunt's Tomatoes $4.00
5 Hunt's Snack Pudding $5.00
5 Banquet Entrees $5.00
5 Brown N Serve Sausage $5.00
2 Barilla Pasta Sauces $2.00
Ground Turkey Value Pack (6 Pounds) $7.00
3 Plantains $1.00
2 Edy's Ice Cream $6.00
2 Dole Fruit Naturals $3.00

Please feel free to comment with your shopping trips, scenarios, or anything really or leave a link! We've added a Mr. Linky box! So all you have to do is leave your name/blog name and the link straight to your post (not your homepage, but the post) and title it "Shopping Sunday" or whatever you like!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Well on today's topic of Thrifty Thursday I've been on vacation for the past 3 days and you know it wouldn't be a scooter vacation with out a little bit of coupons! The hotel we stayed at was great, it was close to all the attractions, included breakfast AND dinner (and this was no skimpy grab a cinnamon roll, these were 3, 4 course meals!) and had a great pool and hot tub! We had a nice room - anyway back to it! I had the opportunity to shop at an Aldi (yes, I do post the deals, but we don't have one here locally) and let me tell you that was the best shopping experience I have ever had! Okay so I impulsed shopped a little bit (picked up a 3 pound bag of powdered sugar, which I will use and was only .79 cents!) - even though they didn't except coupons they had some great prices, the store was immaculate and the people were nice. I would rate it a 9 out of 10 (only because they don't accept coupons!!). I also had the pleasure of shopping at a Grand Union - which I normally don't and was able to get some cheap little debbie 100 calorie snack cakes (normally $1.59, marked down to $1.29 - .55 coupon doubled = .19 cents), and some FREE 100 Calorie Oreo Cakestars (I got a coupon from Kraft First Taste program - if you aren't a member, you should go sign up!) - and I also picked up a 9 inch Pyrex Glass Pie Plate for $2.99 (impulse...). Then I stopped into this great little gift shop which was also a thrift shop (my favorite) and picked up a gift for my mom, a porcelin turtle for myself (from thrift shop - gift for mom from store) and a candle (from thrift). Now I drove past a JC Penny - and remembered I needed a new pillow - and they had them on sale for $5.99. Well it's just my luck that today when catching up I find out there's a $5 off $5 savings pass for JC Penny!!! I could've gotten myself a .99 pillow - normally 11.99! I was pretty annoyed. Also picked up a stocking holder - since my old one broke - i don't use it for stockings, but for towels. Take one of those 3M hooks and take off the sticky part, and put it on the back of the stocking stuffer - then stick it to the wall and it will hold a towel nicely (and be holiday themed) you could also use any other type of adhesive (it would probably me much easier) for $1.97 (normally $19.99!) anyway I was happy! In all my trips I spent about $35.00 and saved over $100!

100th Post!!!!!!

WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! It's our 100th post here at The Free Central ! I'm so excited! I never thought I would make it to 100 Posts on a blog, but we did! Thanks so much for all my readers who continue to read even though I haven't posted much lately -- anyway - thank you sooo much again, for everything I really, really appreciate it (oh and boy oh boy do I have some posting to catch up on!)! Anyway, thanks again, and it's our 100th post!

Monday, February 9, 2009

FREE Glade Sense + Spray!!

At Walgreens the Glade Sense + Spray is $9.99, use the $4.00 off 1 Coupon from 2/8 Insert, and the B1G1 Printable Coupon to get 2 Glade Sense + Sprays for $5.99. Then submit them for Rebate #28 for $3.00 each, gettting you $6.00 BACK! Making them free!


Glade Sense + Spray $9.99
Use B1G1 Printable Coupon
Use $4.00 off 1 Coupon from 2/8 Insert
Total: $5.99 for 2

Submit for ESR (Easy Saver Rebate) #28 for $3.00 each!
Total recieved back $6.00

Making them FREEEEEEEEEEEEE! And I've been wanting to buy these for a little while!

Walgreen's Freebies

There are also some pretty good deals at Walgreen's this week if you're a Walgreen's fan (My first choice of store is CVS, then Rite-Aid, and then Walgreen's) - a good amount of freebies!

Revlon Creme Lip Gloss
FREE After Rebate
Use $2.00 Coupon from 2/8 Insert
Total: PROFIT $2.00

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Spa Breeze, Embrace Razor $10.00
Use $4.00 Gamer Coupon from 2/8 Insert
Recieve $6.00 Register Rewards
Total: FREE

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Hair Care $2.99
FREE After Rebate
Use $1.00 Coupon from 2/8 Insert
Total: PROFIT $1.00

Therma Care Heat Wrap Trial Size $2.49
FREE After Rebate
Total: FREE

CVS Freebies

Lots of good freebies this week at CVS - these are only the freebies, and not all the deals - I would suggest checking out Kingdom First Mom for some great scenarios!

Earinse $7.99 - Get $7.99 ECB

Nabisco Wheat Thins/Ritz (Small Boxes) FREE after $2/2 Coupon from 1/25 Insert

Gillette Shampoo $4.99
Use $2.00 off 1 Coupon from 1/18 Insert
Recieve $3 ECB
Total: FREE

CVS Chewable Children's Aspirin $1.99
Recieve $1.99 ECB
Total: FREE

Gillette Fusion Razor $4.00
Recieve $4.00 ECB
Total: FREE

Hello again!

Hello everyone -
Why how I've missed this blog! Know I wasn't here over the weekend, but back with some great Freebies, and the CVS deals and Walgreen's deals for the week! Know it's a little late, but if you haven't gone yet, you might want to check them out :) ! Anyway here are some freebies to get you going:

Get a Free Recipes 4 Life E-Book

Great Valentine's Day Recipes

Get a Free Skin for your Accu-Check

Free Valentines LED Flashing Heart Pin

Free French Stallion Horse DVD

MIR - Aunt Jemima Pancakes

Free Sample Nelson Bach Rescue Cream

MIR- Macaroni + Cheese Crackers

Shop @ Handheld Items and get 10 % off using code: HANDHELD10

Friday, February 6, 2009

Personal Break

Hello everyone...
A lot of stuff has been going on in my life lately, and I've just been a little overwhelmed. I've been working on our new site, trying to keep this blog going, running my normal life, and it's just been a lot. So I'm going to be taking a personal break for a few weeks, and will not be posting on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Hopefully when things get back to normal and a little less hectic - I will be able to continue with my daily posting. You'll probably see me here a lot on Fridays, Saturdays, Sunday's and Mondays, and definitely not Tuesdays/Wednesdays! I hope I have not lost any of my readers and will keep all of you in my mind. And don't worry, I'll still be posting the Drugstore deals! If you need to get in touch with me about anything just send an e-mail to and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Now in the meantime of my 2-day a week absence, I would love for you to check my 5 favorite blogs and enjoy them!

Kingdom First Mom

Being Frugal

New Frugal Mom

Deal Seeking Mom

Consumer Queen

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm so sorry that I've been so distant lately - just a lot going on here lately! I am sooo behind on posting the deals, and that's because I'm working on getting our new blog The Free Central Deals up! Lately I've been feeling like this blog has been bogged down lately with way too many deals. So what I've decided to do is post all of the supermarket deals and super store deals, and just post the Walgreen's, CVS, Rite-Aid, and best, best deals here! I've been trying to go towards frugalness a lot lately, and I promise you (yes promise!) that I will try my hardest to post some freebies! And maybe actually post a site of the day once in a while! Maybe by the end of the month - we may even have an actual website? Who knows! Thanks so much for reading the blog, I really appreciate all of your support.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Assorted Glade Coupons

Here are some Glade coupons which you can find on the Glade website! They include:

B1G1 Free Sense & Spray Printable Coupon

B1G1 PlugIn's Gel Warmer Printable Coupon

B1G1 PlugIn's Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Printable Coupon

Also has updated their coupons for the month, print yours now before they go!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rite Aid Deals 2/1

Here are this week's rite -aid deals! Please give courtesy to The Free Central thanks!

Benefiber $9.99
$2.00 Coupon from 1/4 Insert
$3.00 SCR #29
(Can also be used toward SCR #50 - Free T-Shirt)
Total: $4.99

Rite-Aid Toilet Paper (12-pack single roll, or 6-pack double roll) 2 for $6.00
$1.00 SCR #121
Total: $5.00 for 2

Almay Eye Cosmetics $5.99
$3.00 SCR #62
$1.00 Coupon from 12/14 Insert
$1.00 Coupon from 1/11 Insert
Total: $1.99

Doritos B1G1
Total: Varies

Bayer Enteric Aspirin $7.69 (buy 3)
$3.00 off 1 In-Ad Coupon (use 3)
$10.00 Rite-Aid Gift Card SCR#43
Total: $4.07 for 3

Here's my transaction for the week:

Buy 3 Bayer @ $7.69 each
Buy 1 Benefiber @ 9.99 each
Total: $33.06

-$3.00 In-Ad Bayer Coupon
-$3.00 In-Ad Bayer Coupon
-$3.00 In-Ad Bayer Coupon
-$2.00 Benefiber Coupon
-5.00 Rite-Aid $5/25 Coupon (if you have one)
Total after Coupons: $22.06 (w/ no $5/25 coupon)
Total w/ $5/25 coupon: $17.06

-$10.00 Rite-Aid Gift Card Rebate #43
-$3.00 Benefiber SCR #29
-$10.00 Rite-Aid Gift Card Rebate #98
-FREE T-Shirt SCR #500
Total: $6.00 profit!!!!!!!!!

CVS Trip Today

Well I went to CVS today and got 2 Speed Stick 24/7 Deodorants, 1 3-Pk. Irish Spring Soap, 3 Johnsons Buddies, 2 Softsoap Body Washes, 4 boxes of Peeps, and  Softsoap Hand Soap. I paid $6.76 or $2.76 after ECB's! I used: .75/1 Speed Stick 24/7 twice, $3/3 Printable Johnsons Coupon, $1.00 off 1 Softsoap Body Wash twice, .35 off 1 Hand Soap. Then used a $4/20 Coupon, and $4.50 in ECB's.