Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today's Freebies

Here are today's freebies, I hope you enjoy them! Not so many freebies today but some cool stuff!
My favorite site for today is definitely the Northpole site! They have a huge cookie database in their recipes
section and lots of fun stuff for kids to do! You can visit it here:

On today's topic - Thrifty Shopping Thursdays, last Sunday I went to the thrift store and picked up some fun holiday stuff. Two votive holders which complete a set I have that I bought about a month ago (in all it cost me 3.98), and then I also picked up a brand-new book for teens on community service for $1 compared to $15 ! I would say that's probably the best aspect of my Good Will is the book section - almost every book is $1, some are .50 and some are $2. The other best section is the Video section. Yes, Goodwill is still on Videos and not quite on to DVD's yet - (which I'm fine with) and they have buy 1 for 1.99 or buy 2 for 1.98 ! You save a penny when you buy another one! I find it so funny! But thats my own opinion! I'd love to hear your comments, they may be featured in my next Thrifty Thursday post!

20% off Aarons Art

Angel Crafts

Western Calendar

Holiday Calendar

Golf Planner

5 Calendar Request

Free Mini Flashlight or Poncho

Garden Dressing Sample

P&G Coupons

Free Christmas Downloads from Bacardi

Cookie Cutter (A Different One)

Chocolate Sample

Berry Burst Sample

Free Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby's with any other purchase

Free Sun-Maid Recipe Book (New One)

Subscription to Working Mother

Aquaphor Samples