Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Friday

Hey Folks!
Hope everyone is doing well and feeling good. We finally got a bit of sunshine today!! Anyway, on today's topic of Frugal Fridays I thought I would write a little article on curbing your impulses...
Recently I received an e-mail from a friend with a discount code for Blair. It was a coupon code for free shipping and a tote bag and umbrella set free with ANY purchase. Then I recieved an e-mail, click through this link and automatically receive 20% off at Blair well - I was ready! Get 20% off plus a free tote bag, umbrella, and shipping! I then stopped and said to myself - do I really need these 1.59 table runners - NO and do I need another umbrella - NO and didn't I just receive a free tote bag in the mail without purchasing anything - YES! So it just would not have been worth it. Now did I really need any of those things NO! But if I needed table runners would I have bought them for $1.59 and use the codes OF COURSE! But I didn't need them. So before you go shopping say - "Do I have this already" then "If I don't do I have something like it" "If not do I need it" "If I do then how often would I use it" then finally I may consider buying it.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!
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