Saturday, December 13, 2008

Savings Saturday

Hi Folks!

It was sunny all day here!! Thought I would start you off with a site of the day since I haven't done one in a little. Found an interesting article today at Money Saving Mom. A guest post on how to frugally and creatively gift wrap! You can check it out here:
Not much to report for today - the freebies are a little slow! I'll be working on posting my CVS and WAGS list tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be able to get there though... Anyway on today's topic of Savings Saturday , I went to the local Holiday Train Show and boy were the lines long! It took at least 1 hour to get in! Anyways - I am very proud of myself for multiple reasons! It was a little rushed getting out of the house today so we forgot to grab water and refreshments and such. Well when we arrived there and stopped to pick up a bottle of water and maybe a snack the water read $2 and the snacks were $4! That was for only one person. They also had apple cider which looked really good and was priced at $2.75! Well right outside of the cafe across the pathway was a booth handing out free apple cider and free pumpkin muffins courtesy of the local supermarket! Saved about $10 there, and then inside the cafe on the condiments stand I found a water pitcher and glasses - free water! Saved another $5 there! So I was able to save about $15 even though we forgot to bring our own food (and I didn't have to buy a membership to recieve any discounts!!) - thought I would share that with you since I was pretty happy about it!

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