Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In my times away from this blog, I've had a little bit more time to spend with family - not much, but a little bit more time. And I've realized how thankful I am for there support, there laughter, and most of all their love. Especially during the holidays, I get even closer to them! I must say I struck the Jackpot this holiday - and enjoyed everything. But with each present I unwrapped my love grew stronger for my family - not because of what they gave me; but the thought, the effort, even down to the wrapping - and to see how much they cared about me. Then when they would open their presents, I just loved to see their faces light up, it made me glow! I'll leave you with one of my favorite sayings

"When you complain that no one cares, when you pray at night you say you have no one to pray for, when you think about tomorrow you say you have no one to have lunch with - why do you say these things, you have FAMILY!"