Friday, January 9, 2009


I feel like I am lacking behind so much - oh wait I am! So sorry to not have posted the last few days, just had some complications Tuesday and Wednesday and was just getting back into the swing of things yesterday - but I'm back and have so much e-mail and so many blogs to catch up on! Anyway - today is going to Money Tips Tuesday, Thrifty Thursday, and Frugal Friday all tied into one - plus I'm going to be doing a post on all of my favorite posts from this week (from my blogroll!). So - I hope you pull up a chair, grab a cup of cozy hot tea, and settle in for a lot of reading!

Recently I was reading through an old post of one of my favorite blogs, and it had a whole week devoted to money-saving tips. Well here are a few of my favorite that I stick true to - always!

1. Be Careful What You Clip - By that I mean, Coupons. Often when we're flipping through those wonderful inserts we clip about 15 coupons for items that we don't need to buy - exactly what the company wants you to do - there providing you with an incentive to buy their product. But do we really need to try NEW Special K Bars - no, since I'm not going on a diet soon and I'm not that big a fan of them - I don't need to buy them.

2. Wait for the sales - It's great when you have a coupon for something - but you'll save about 50% more if you combine it with a sale! So wait off on the Grape Jelly which you have a $.75 coupon for, until it goes on sale - it'll probably be about 1.99 and a .75 coupon doubled is $1.50, so it'll end up to be about .49 cents!

3. Make Starbucks At Home - If you bought a $3.oo coffee every morning for 3 mornings a week, that would be close to $500.00 a year! So why not make it at home - or better yet stop all together! Lynnae at Being Frugal did a blog post yesterday on how to make a Frugal Mocha - check her out on my blogroll!

4. Read - I can't believe I am saying this because my whole life I have heard about how reading is the key to knowledge - but it's so true. By reading The Tightwad Gazette I learned so much - by reading Blogs I save so much, and by reading books I open up a world opporunity. So stop by the local library and pick up a few books!