Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Hi folks!
Well today is Thrifty Thursday and I have some great tips, not on buying from thrift shops, but donating to thrift shops, food banks, and shelters. In today's economical status food banks around the country (and shelters) are suffering. People get paid less, they donate less. Which is where your couponing skills come in handy. We all know how to get FREE items, or how to score items for next to nothing - well there are often items we don't need - but we pick them up anyway since their free or next to nothing. Well I know I have at least 10 cans of soup I got for free in flavors that I hate - but they were free. Instead of suffering through eating them, I can donate 10 meals to the local food bank for FREE! I'm making a huge difference for FREE! So the whole point - when you go to the store and get all those free and next to free items ... maybe pick up a few extras for the local food bank and help donate lots for nothing!