Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aldi Deals

Aldi is a no-frills supermarket which does NOT accept coupons, and do NOT have many name brands. They only accept cash and debit and be sure to bring your own bags or be prepared to pay for them. You also must pay for your cart (a quarter) which you get back when you return your cart. Now why would we shop here? Because they have some great prices on produce and milk products. You can also find some major steals and deals on everyday items.

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Baby Carrots: .99 cents

Celery .79 cents

Brocolli 2 Pack .79 cents

Cauliflower .79 cents

Clanci's Corn Chips $1.19

Juicy Juice 8 Pack $1.99

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1.79