Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Goals for 2009

2008 was a great year and we got started with blogging! SO much has happened and it's been a great journey! Some of my goals for 2009 include:

Blog Goals for 2009!

Continuing with Kingdom First Mom's CVS $5 Challenge - I did this once and plan on doing it ALOT more!

Start Doing More Reviews - I've done one so far and should start to do some more! I hope to do a review once every two weeks - on top of Meal Plan Monday there will now be Many Reviews Monday!

Continue with Meal Plan Monday - I did pretty well with this one, but would like to start doing Org Junkie Meal Plan Mondays! Every week I'll post a Mr.Linky on the site with our meal plans here, and then post back to the Org Junkie site so you can find tons of other great menu plans!

Try to stick to topics - I know I set out a schedule for the blog a while back (Frugal Friday, Savings Saturday, Thrifty Thursday, etc.) but I didn't stick to it very well! So I would like to try and continue with that!

Do a Link of the Day, Every Day - I definitely need to catch up on some of the most interesting links of the day - I've only done about three!

Post Photos - I would definitely want to post some photos of all of the steals and deals I get every week at CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. and post the deals to go along with it!

Get 100 Subscribers - I know it sounds ambitious but lets try!

Financial Goals for 2009:

Save at least $5000 on my grocery bill - I saved closed to $2000 since I started couponing, etc. in October of 2008 - lets see how much I can save in 12 months!

Pay Myself with my Savings - This is a biggie! I've decided that with all of my savings I get from couponing - I'm going to deposit it into a bank account! This is of course after I donate and after I pay off any expenses for the month - whatever is left over goes into the account!

Freelance - I do occasionally freelance for a few sites - and I would like to bring in a steady income of about $25.00 a month (know it doesn't seem like a lot) or about $300.00 a year.

What are some of your goals - feel free to share, oh and by the way

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!