Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work-At-Home Wednesday

Hi Folks!
Welcome to the very first edition of Work at Home Wednesday! We'll be discussing ways to make, and save money from home. But please, please do not worry - there will be absolutely nothing on MLM schemes, or any of those "I made 1,000,000 in two months and so can you!" schemes either. To tell you the truth - I won't even link to anything that has to do with making money online - lots of people make money from home. Anyways - I thought I would share with you my three ways/tips to stay safe when you work from home!

1. If the business requires a "small" membership fee - throw that letter straight into the trash (or the shredder). NO reputable company should make you pay for information, or to become an employee. Does it really make sense to pay for a job - when the job should be paying you.

2. Don't give your e-mail out to anyone. It's simple - the site should provide you with info, without you providing them with an e-mail address. If you just have to know about the opportunity (which I never have had to) then go sign up for an e-mail address that isn't related to your personal e-mail address. That way when you start to get spammed - it won't clog up your personal e-mail.

3. Check with the BBB or the Better Business Bureau! People who have had trouble with a company, report their experiences to the BBB - and the BBB posts the info for the public to see. If the site your looking at has even one BAD rating - just walk away since it's really, really not worth it.