Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm so sorry to not have posted yesterday - but Tuesday's are my busiest day - so I can be scarce! Anyway I recently stumbled upon a site called , where books range from 25%-75% off the regular "store" price. They also have a Scratch&Dent section where books are at least 75% off. They either don't have a jacket (also referred to as a "dust jacket"), a dent, or a marking on them. They had a $20 book for $3! Anyway - to the point! There having a Dollar for Dollar sale on 10,000 different titles. Spend $10, and get $10 to spend. So you could buy 1 book for $10 and then use the $10 you get back to get 3 selected books! Head on over to the site for more details (and if you shop through MyPoints, you get 3 points per dollar)

Now, here is the second edition of Work At Home Wednesday - and this will be a short post on a couple of search engines that could help you earn while searching!

One of them is called Scour , where for every search you can earn three points toward a $25 Visa Gift Card. For each search you do, you get 1 point. Then for each search you rate (give a thumbs up or thumbs down) you get another point. Do that for two results, and you get three points per search! Now you need 6,500 points, or about 2,600 searches. Now the points do add up over a couple of months - especially if you search a lot! So why not go over and give it a try!

Another one is called Winzy where with each search you earn 2 points, and those points get you entries into sweepstakes. You also have a chance to win a prize with each search (a gift card, money, electronic gift, etc.) - it's pretty cool and a little simpler than Scour.

My last favorite is called Swag Bucks. Every search you do gets you a chance to win Swag Bucks. Swag Bucks can be redeemed for Gift Cards, and prizes in the Swag Shop. You also get points for reading the newsletter, shopping through their site, and going green by recylcing your cell phone!

Hope these sites help in your WAH experience!