Saturday, August 22, 2009

Savings Saturday

Well for today's Savings Saturday post I decided that I would compile a list of all of my favorite saving sites, coupon sites, frugal blogs, and work - at - home sites! Recently I had started listing them all - and figured it might make a cool blog post ... so here it goes!

Saving Sites/Coupon Sites
My Bargain Buddy - Online shopping site with tons of online coupon codes - there's a daily newsletter which "alerts" you of the day's top deals. There's also a forum where people can post even more coupon codes and/or sales...

Coupon Mom- My go-to source for anything and everything that has to do with coupons! She has tons of coupons to print, and with *free* membership you get access to over 35 grocery lists - which basically list all the sales going on that week at that store and match it with a coupon! They even tell you which date the coupon came, how much you'll save, coupon amount, and the final price! Pretty simple, and pretty easy! They also have a forum which I highly recommend with even more discussion on coupons, savings, and frugality!

A Full Cup - Another great source for coupons! It's a lot like Coupon Mom- but instead it's just a forum with everyone contributing the deals - and the "moderators" of each forum doing the shopping lists! Great for the more advanced couponer (I think...) since it's not as easy to navigate as Coupon Mom - nonetheless they still have a huge selection of printable coupons, and tons of information! - This is the place to go to print all your coupons! After installing their "Printer-Software" you're able to print up to 2 copies of each coupon! They normally have over 8 pages of coupons - and some of them have a limit to how many the "public" can print - a.k.a if they have a $1/off pantene - they might only let 1,000 people print the coupon. So it's always a good idea to print them as soon as you see them (they do change every so often). - Another printable coupon place - good selection (not as good as - you can often find a couple really good coupons on their site - I believe there limit is 2 also - and there coupons change every so often as

Frugal Blogs
Being Frugal - My favorite blog (yes I have a "favorite") that I have been reading forever. They do a great job of doing a little bit of deals, and lots of tips, tricks, and stories! It's a nice break from some frugal blogs - which only cover sales ... they've got it balanced out real well!

Consumer Queen - Another one of my favorite blogs! She has ton's of giveaway's and lots of sale info, frugal ideas, and a great (small, but great) forum where people post the deals each week!

M Network - I would also suggest checking out this site - It's not so much a blog as it is a collection of 8 different frugal blogs (Being Frugal is one of them). You can subscribe to them all as one RSS feed, or you can pick and choose which blogs you like best.

GreatNews RSS Reader - On the topic of "subscribing" - I read about 15-20 blogs daily (not all on frugal - ness :D ) and it's hard to have to visit them every single day - so I downloaded the GreatNews RSS Reader for my computer. Just enter all the URL's for all of your favorite blogs and they will find the RSS feed and set it up for you. Then all you have to do is go in everyday (all your blogs are there) and you just click "Update All" and presto! And best of all... it's *free*

Work-At-Home Sites
Yes... I know what you're thinking more of those fake scams where people get ripped off all the time - don't worry all of these sites are legit (and simple) !

MyPoints - Is a shopping site. Basically when you shop through one of their links (lets say for Barnes & Noble) they might give you 5 points/per dollar spent. So if you spent $25.00 - you would get 125 points. They also often have "bonus days" where you can earn twice as much at stores, etc. The other way to earn points is they send you about 2-3 e-mails a day called "MyPoints BonusMail" where all you have to do is click through the advertisement and they'll add 5 points to your account! So there's an easy 15 points a day (multiply that by 7 and you get 105 points a week, 420 points a month, and you get 5,020 points a year)- it takes about 5,500 - 6,700 points to get a $50 Gift Card to stores like JC Penny, Amazon, etc. They also have gift cards in the lower ranges - but it makes more sense to save up for a bigger one.

Inbox Dollars - Another "e-mail" site. They e-mail you about 3-5 times a day and you get paid about 3 cents an e-mail. They also have surveys available on the site where you can earn some "cash" you can cash out once you have $30.00