Monday, August 31, 2009

New and Revised Schedule!

I've revised my posting schedule ... again - and this time I'm beginning to like it more. Lately I haven't felt too inspired to write anything - and I think it was because I wasn't excited or intrigued by what I was doing ... so I've decided that maybe this schedule will work - and leave me feeling intrigued :D !

Monday - I'll stick with doing meal plan monday, and will probably do a catch-up post of some sort - especially if I didn't post over the weekend.

Tuesday - I've decided to make this day all about freebies and I'll also be linking to Being Frugal's Tightwad Tuesdays - so I'll still keep the tips section...

Wednesday - This day will not be Work-At-Home Wednesday every week, but instead it will be every other week. On the days that I don't post WAWW (Work-At-Home Wednesdays) I'll devote that day to a review - of a product, of a website, etc.

Thursday - This day will still be Thrifty Thursday - but with a greener focus (yes, The Free Central is going green!) and will be talking more about reusing stuff, and repurposing it...

Friday - Will be lots of posts! I'll be posting at least twice - one will be Freebie Friday with Bargain Briana, and the other will be a preview of the next weeks deals from ... CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Pathmark, and on occasion Wal-Mart or Target.

Saturday - Will be focused on one topic every month - so one month it could be about being frugal when traveling, and the next month it could be about becoming frugal!

Sunday - If I do post on Sunday - I'll be doing Kingdom First Mom's $5 CVS challenge, and will be posting pics, etc. of all the deals I got that week!

And of course throughout the week I'll be posting hot deal alerts, freebies, discount codes, and more!