Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today's Freebies

Hope everyone has had a good Saturday - and hit up the last of the Black Friday Sales. I'm going to CVS and WAGS (Walgreens) tomorrow - so I've been planning my list! I'll post it up tomorrow! I seem to be having some trouble with blogger, so I may have to post an alternative link to view today's freebies! We'll see! Some of today's freebies aren't "freebies" but cool deals I've found - hope you enjoy!

Get A Free Pink CZ Solitaire Ring - Just Pay $5.95 S/H

Free Sterling Silver Jewelry - Just Pay 6.95 S/H

Four Week Trial of Stamps.Com

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Free Christmas Printables

Nature Made Vitamin Samples - Click on the bottles - Many to choose from

Chamonix Skin Care

Who knew toothpicks could look so pretty? These lovely sparkly, fuzzy ornies are all ready for the holidays.

What you'll need:

4 toothpicks, cut in half
9 small glittery white pom poms
White craft glue
White or gold ribbon
White craft paint
How to make it:

Paint the toothpicks white and let them dry.
Glue the pointed end of a toothpick into one pom pom. Repeat for all toothpicks, gluing them in a radial pattern, and let them dry.
Place a generous amount of glue onto the unglued end of one of the toothpicks glued to the center pom pom. Take one of the remaining white pom poms and glue it on. Continue this step for all the remaining toothpicks attached to the center pom pom. Allow for them all to dry completely, overnight or even two days is best--this is a fragile project!
Carefully tie a piece of yarn around one of the toothpicks up near the pom pom. Add a little glue to reinforce the knot and then let dry.

Be carefully not to push on the toothpicks too hard as they may break.
About ten minutes into the paint drying, lift the toothpicks off the paper so that they do not stick to your work surface then return the toothpicks to paper to continue drying
This is a fragile project and requires patience. Your best bet is to allow these to dry for two days. If you need to speed up the project, use hot glue instead. Make sure an adult is on hand if you are using the hot glue.

Horton Hears A Who
Win one of 5 Special Edition DVD's

Elephant Tales
Win one of 5 Elephant Tales DVD's

100 Things You Can Make Yourself