Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back Woods Home

Know I said I wasn't going to post today - but I guess I found time (lol) ! One of my favorite sites to visit online is probably Back Woods Home they offer articles on having a homestead - to frugal cooking! They have a lot of great resources, and the have a forum! The Forum is a great place to go if you have any questions, want to talk, or are just looking for something to do! I'm yet to become a member, but am thinking of becoming one! They have a magazine that you can subscribe to (the site is based off of the magazine) and it looks really valuable! Some of my favorite places to visit while I'm there is the:

Free Stuff Section - You can subscribe to their e-mail newsletter (which has some humor pieces and an article or two, it also has occasional discounts included (smiling) , they also have some awesome wallpaper! I downloaded the one from Jan/Feb '08 and really like it!

Current Issue Section - Here you can view some of the articles in the most current edition of the magazine. They don't let you view all of the articles (which is another reason I should subscribe...) - but they do let you look at a good amount of them!

Recipes Section - They have a huge database of recipes - my favorites include the Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate , and the Chicken Chili

Article Database - They basically have all of the articles dating back to their first issue on this page - available to read online! I love looking at the Crafts, Energy, Food & Recipes, and Making/Saving Money categories!

Well that's todays post - I hope you head on over to Back Woods Home and enjoy!


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