Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Stay Warm the Old-Fashioned Way

Was searching through the internet today
(using my new favorite search engine - scour - sign up here
I was looking for ways to save money off your heating bill. Lately I've been reading about different heaters,
and layering clothing and such - but I wanted some really, good tips - and here is what I found!

-As the winter weather grows colder and colder, you can learn to adjust the temperature lower and lower and your body will adjust too. Every few days set your heat a few degrees cooler.

-Each time you adjust the temperature lower, add more warm clothing, such as thermal underclothing, an extra pair of socks and warm sweatshirts. There are so many different seasonal sweatshirts that you probably have many already that will make you look great and feel comfy at the same time.

-A pillow for your feet. That helps keep your feet from the coldest part of my house, the floor. You will be surprised that you don't need as much heat as you had thought. Just think of the savings!

-Socks keep out the cold Check out the windows of your home. If you feel cold air coming in around your windows, you have a problem. You can stuff strips of old worn out socks around the cracks between the window and the frame. Cut the socks lengthwise and then cut into halves or fourths depending on the size of the cracks where the cold air comes in. It's much cheaper than caulking and much easier to remove when spring comes. Use the rounded knife blade to push the material into the cracks. If your friends wonder at your new decorations, just tell them your windows have ruffles!

-Stop that draft under the door Many older houses have problems with air seeping in under the doors. Use a throw rug, fold and tuck it across the bottom of the door. This helps especially at night when the outside temperature goes down and the wind is blowing a blue northern.

-Warm sunshine On those cold, but sunny days, open the drapes and pull up your blinds and let the sunshine in. It's free solar heating.


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I love your blog! Such useful information -- now if I could just figure out how to post a comment!